Friday, January 23, 2009


The internet has satisfied our basic need to socialise and that too at an unbelievable level.....all around the world. You can socialise with anybody in any country,of any age and at any time!! This is made possible through social networking sites,and Acobay is one that will ensure you enjoy the experience. At you can make friends with people who share similar interests and even discuss the cars you drive, places you visited, movies you love, games you play, and just about anything!

Apart from pleasure this sharing of information makes it possible for you to find the best stuff based on ratings by thousands of real users! There is so much more you can do at the site - Stuff Map and My Acobay are must check outs!! You can build your own neighborhood with acobay..a neighborhood where everybody has interests like your's and is happy to share with you..Make sure you don't forget to show off your newest gadget or latest novel,you never know how popular you can get..go on:-)hog the limelight....

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