Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lucky Brand

Lucky has arrived (well it did,long back! But this is the first time I am writing about it) and is here to stay (not to forget all these years that it has stayed for :) ). Lucky Brand clothing, Lucky Brand jewelry, Lucky Brand bags, Lucky Brand accessories and Lucky Brand eyewear are an epitome of youth, courage and most of All America.
Lucky Brand jeans were the first to make it to the market and ever since then the Lucky brand has seen only a steady growth. Jewellery,bags,accessories and eye wear are proof of their expanding business and success.The free spirited Southern California lifestyle continues to inspire the company’s style and will for years to come.
The Lucky Brand signature 60s-inspired look is carried over beautifully in every piece of Lucky Brand jewelry, from the bohemian-inspired earrings, to the peace-loving necklaces. Try them out and experience the feeling of being .....ahem... LUCKY!!! ;)

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