Friday, May 29, 2009


Consumermate is a website that is useful to find,compare and to get offers on laptops.In this website,It provides details about more laptops that the people likes a lot.And it provides details about Apple,Dell,Hp,Lenovo,sony,compaq presario,Acer,BenqEsys,Asus,HCL,Intex,LG and so on.If you want to know the details of your favourite laptop just click on the option to know for your laptop details.This website provides the online shopping through ebay.This website also provides the details of your favourite laptop components and its features.It is a new website launched by the 9.9 Media group. The website offers a simple search feature that shortlists laptops on the basis on brand, price, screen size and weight.
You can then view the list of shortlisted laptops with their price and test center ratings. The test ratings are provided by Digit test center. You can then compare the shortlisted laptops.The website also has an advanced search called Laptop Guru which helps you shortlist laptops through a wizard that asks you about your needs. The Hot Deals section can get you the best laptop prices and some great deals from online merchants. is currently in its beta phase but it can be really useful to get the best deals on laptop computers.The website has been built up in a view of friendly user interface. The website gets loaded very quickly and the images used are very attractive. The website gives full satisfaction for the customers.Consumer Mate also has an active forum and a news section.So now you know which website to visit if you require any information on Laptop Computers.

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