Wednesday, May 7, 2008


he words "I am..."are potent words;be careful what you hitch them to.The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming

I am an architect: I've built a solid foundation;and each year I go to that school I add another floor of wisdom and knowledge.

I am a sculptor:I've shaped my morals and philosophies according to the clay of right and wrong.

I am a painter:With each new idea I express,I paint a new hue in the world's multitude of colors.

I am a scientist: Each day that passes by,I gather new data,make important observations,and experiment with new concepts and ideas.

I am an astrologist: Reading and analyzing the palms of life and each new person I encounter.

I am an astronaut: Constantly exploring and broadening my horizons.

I am a doctor: I heal those who turn to me for consultation and advice and i bring out the vitality in those who seems lifeless.

I am a lawyer:I'm not afraid to stand up for the inevitable and basic rights of myself and all others.

I am a police officer: I always watch out for others welfare and I am always on the scene preventing fights and keeping the peace.

I am a teacher: By my example others learn the importance of determination,dedication and hard work.

I am a mathematician: Making sure I conquer each one of my problem with correct solutions.

I am a detective: Peering through my two lenses,searching for meaning and significance in the mysteries of life.

I am a hockey player: Watching out for dodging those who try to block my goal.

I am a marathon runner: Full of energy,always moving and ready for the next challenge.

I am a mountain climber: Slowly but surely I am making my way to the top.


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