Wednesday, May 21, 2008

College Life Rocks..!!

Friends,parties,canteen,library,classes (some boring), cinemas which saw those days, boy/grl friends ,strike, fight between students, Mass bunk, friday movies,enjoying group, arguments,freshers day and farewell day with tears....." College life is nothing, but a heaven"...... Those days are unforgettable,.come on share ur college life with us.

School life Vs College life.

School: 1 colored dress for 100s of days

College: 100 colored dresses for 1 day

School: 2 note books for 1 subject

College: 1 notebook for all subjects

School: white pipe in teacher's hand (chalk)

Coll: white pipe in student's hand (cigarette)

School: Most frequent letter-Leave letter

College: Most frequent letter - Love letter

School: if we go itz boring

college :if we dont go its boring


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