Thursday, September 4, 2008

American Seafood Recipe

In 2008,The Great American Seafood cook off theme is Showcasing 5 Star Chefs and Domestic, Sustainable Seafood Recipes.It has come up with the top five finalists.Out of the 5 recipes in the said cook off, my favorite would have to be the one by Chef John Currence from Mississippi. His recipe is entitled the Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice.That great seafood with innovative recipe was founded by Chef John Currence, from Mississippi. I feel, the recipe is simple enough, and has a very fresh fish as the main foodstuff. Everyone seems like fish and I too, it is very amazing to be ate. Just try yourself this seafood with simple recipe and let you be happy with your friend or family. Eat it together or if you very hungry, take it yourself until you satisfied. Hmmm…it is very delicious.Just to try it at your home, and I feel you will be very glad because it’s fresh, very delicious, and of course has a great taste. Because what? Everyone almost know, the domestic seafood is always more fresh and has high nutrition. Okay, I feel you has been not patient to knowing its recipe. Visit now to the great website at and see its recipe.I voted for this recipe which also automatically entered me to win a trip to New Orleans. You, too , could have the chance to enjoy this trip by casting your vote on your favorite recipe among the top five listed in the site.Find your favorite American sea food recipe from This website has details about various American sea food recipes procedure. To know how to make the world number 1 American sea food recipes pls visit cook off.

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