Thursday, September 4, 2008

Microsoft ZUNE

Zune is the umbrella term for the hardware player, the software on it and the download service it will be tied into. Music tracks, movies and other content will be available via this service. Microsoft said that, at first, only music will be available via Zune with other content to follow later.
Incompatible copy protection systems will make it unlikely that music can be moved seamlessly from iTunes - used predominately by iPod owners - to Zune or vice versa.The Zune project is aimed at toppling Apple which has a 50% share of the global portable music player market with its iPod and a 70% share of the music download market via iTunes.Hi-tech industry watchers such as US blogger Om Malik suggested that, in the first instance, it would not be Apple that felt the effects of Zune but Microsoft's partners who produce music players of their own.

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