Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Medical Jobs

A health care job in Chicago as a registered nurse could be a viable opportunity for anyone looking for a position in the health care industry. Statewide, registered nurses are one of the 10 occupations projected to provide the most job openings each year.Chicago health jobs was one of the co-conveners of the March 10th Movement in Chicago in 2006. The movement provided the impetus for nationwide demonstrations in support of legalization of all immigrants.“Growth in this occupation will be due in part to technological advances that allow more medical problems to be treated,” the article notes. “In addition, the number of older people is expected to increase rapidly. Older people are more likely to need medical care. The number of jobs in hospital nursing is expected to grow more slowly than in other settings. This is because patients are being released earlier from hospitals. Rapid growth is expected in home health care and nursing homes.”Registered nurses supervise, teach and delegate nursing care to members of healthcare teams and deliver direct nursing care and treatment to clients in a variety of facilities and settings. Three out of five registered nurses work in hospitals, while some registered nurses work in clinics, nursing homes, private homes, the military, schools, physician offices, public health centers and independent practices.

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