Friday, September 11, 2009

Credit Score

Credit worthiness is something that speaks a lot about your financial condition and your stability, and that is the main parameters that lenders take into account before they decide to lend you money. Of late a lot of institutions have begun using the concept of 'Credit Scores'. A credit score is a number that is statistically calculated, by taking into account credit card bills, pending loans, employment status, history of previous payments and other related matters. This credit score reflects your 'credit worthiness' and also gives an average estimate of the loss the company might incur in case of a bad debt.

There are different kinds of credit scores that are calculated in different ways. Each country or state might have a different set of rules to calculate credit scores . In case, if you are interested to know what your credit score currently is , can help you with it. This website offers free credit score reports online. Knowing your credit score can go a long way in determining what preference you will gain from lenders and what corrective actions you must take before you can expect to be credit worthy. Visit the website to learn more about credit scores and home loans and dispute credit score.

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