Friday, September 25, 2009


Gaming has never before been so rewarding, be it in terms of the degree of satisfaction, the standard, competition or the range of tournaments that you can participate in, and when you can get all this for free, you've got to be at Gamevance is a site for gaming enthusiasts, and has some of the most interesting games that you can play online. It caters to all age groups and people with different interest, you are sure to find your kind of game. Action,
Adventure, Flying, Sports, Sci - Fi, Shooting..anything that will suit your mood. If you like challenging those grey cells, there are numerous puzzles and strategy games as well!That is not all, you can even win a cash prize of 200$ if you manage to get the daily high score on any of their Tournament Games. Just keep checking your score status on the leader board, brush up your skills and keep gaming :) ! To make things good for everybody, 20 new people win everyday. Now here is the jackpot, if you are the player that has the most daily wins at the end of the month...hold your get to win a 500$ Visa Gift card. There have been
players who have won several prizes. If you haven't been able to hit the jackpot this month. :) there always is the next month to look forward to!
Does competition turn you on? Do like challenges? Then go on and challenge your friends and other players, and if you turn out to have the most Challenge Tournament wins at the end of the month, you can win a Nintendo Wii gaming console and....yes,there is something else... a 200$ Visa Gift Card.That is worth about 400$! That in itself is enough to give you that adrenaline rush to go out and win a few tournaments, isn't it? :) Go on, conquer gamevance!

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