Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bridgevine Cable

This post about Bridgevine cables.This web site is set up to save people money on cable TV, internet and phone service,announced the company was recently ranked No. 182 on the 2008 Inc 500 list of the fastest growing private companies.It has a service shopping engine that gives you real time price information about cable TV Bundles, internet service and phone services.This website allows shoppers to choose the best values from online video rental and high speed internet to cable TV, moving services or home security.It is a trusted source for consumers to compare and shop for the services that shape their lives.Bridgevines powerful technology offers a unified shopping cart, real-time pricing, order status and scheduling to deliver the best customer experience in the industry.Bridgevine’s website,, addresses the often daunting task of shopping for services in a marketplace where constantly changing prices, promotions and package offerings can leave consumers unsure if they are getting the best deal, or even the service that best meets their need. Unlike other “comparison” shopping sites, the Bridgevine real-time pricing to help shoppers find the best deals on cable tv bundles and high-speed Internet.Try out the shopping system and find out what deals are available in your neighborhood.

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