Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™

Dirt,Dust,and I used to live in harmony, until Dirt Devil came along and jolted us out of our peaceful world...! We used to be like inseparable brothers. We had the whole house to ourselves,Dirt and Dust never used to go to work, I used to leave home in the mornings and return from work in the evenings. It was inevitable that I spend time with them everyday,it was nothing that I used to do out of force,it was something that used to happen naturally. Dust loved to spread or rather sprawl himself over anything that he could,and dirt used to enjoy playing hide and seek! Though I never used to have time to play with them every day,on the few occasions that I got to play with them, I used to try and find Dirt's hiding places and try confining Dust to a single place. Other than those few occasions,dust and dirt were at liberty to do anything they pleased. Sometimes,they used to dance around my nose and make me sneeze so that I would play with them.Nothing threatened our co-existence until my parents decided to give me a surprise visit, I must say they weren't very pleased with Dirt and Dust. The day my parents were supposed to leave I found a huge gift wrapped package in my room, I jumped with joy,for I anticipated it to be an air-conditioner,even Dirt and Dust would have enjoyed having one at home! When I unwrapped the package I couldn't figure out what my gift was,it looked very peculiar,I decided to switch it on to see if it was some new kind of air-conditioner...My excitement knew no bounds..! Nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed the minute I turned on that wretched thing...that Devil chopped an arm and a leg of Dust who had been dozing on my carpet! I could hear him crying out in pain...just when I turned it off and stood there staring in shock,my parents took over, all my attempts to stop them went unheeded...They were taking that devil of a thing for a tour of my house,that too with that switch on!!! I knew nobody could save Dirt and Dust from that monster then...That was the last time I ever saw them,I don't even know if they were brutally murdered or if they fled and decided never to come home again! The devil was christened appropriately - Dirt Devil. I have got used to the absence of Dirt and Dust, I do miss them at times,but I am beginning to like the devil now,he is pretty friendly,and Health has become my best friend of late...
DIRT DEVIL saves a lot of energy. The new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac use 70% less energy – making AccuCharge the first cordless cleaning technology to earn Energy Star approval.

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