Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tell advertisers to check out SocialSpark!

I woke up to the sound of the wake up alarm ringing on my NOKIA mobile phone,as usual,I put it on snooze,and went back to sleep for a good half an hour,only to wake up and find I was running late. I wore whatever i could find at hands reach, a pair of WRANGLER jeans and a tee. A bowl of KELLOGS cornflakes was what i ate,to kick start my day. I was terribly late,and i couldn't remember where I kept my TOMMY HILFIGER watch the previous day,nor could I find my POLICE sunglasses! After a house hunt for them I found them hidden in the cupboard I use to store the NIVEA and DOVE products I use...My brother must have hidden them there,to get back at me for having worn his REEBOK shoes the previous day...When I reached the bus stop I found I had missed my bus,I stood there hoping to find somebody who could give me a lift to college or atleast to somewhere near it! Nobody volunteered except for a guy on a HARLEY-DAVIDSON,guess it was my lucky day,i got a ride on it!! He was riding real fast,my eyes had started watering and my clothes were covered with dust,but the GARNIER FRUCTIS HARD GEL kept my hair style undisturbed,it was the only thing that kept me looking sane when I entered my class-an hour late!! I sat through three more hours of classes before we were let to go for lunch, I had a pizza from PIZZA HUT (there is a stall on my campus) and washed it down wit PEPSI. Our classes for the afternoon were cancelled because there was going to be a presentation on the history of DELL...! I didn't miss the bus when I had to get back home!

It was my girlfriend's birthday the next day, I wanted to get her a range of MAYBELLINE products,I knew she would love the gift,and she did...It was only when she indicated it to me did i take note of the variety of brands and services I make use of,and how much ,"quality" matters to me...I realised I was happy with all the above-mentioned products,and then I got this opportunity to tell about what advertisers I would like to have sponsor my blog!! I know I haven't put that across directly,but I'm sure the message is clear as crystal!!

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