Thursday, June 26, 2008

Zookoda Email Newsletters

Zookoda...! The news letter that is creating waves in the blog world.For all those of you who maintain a blog with a steady stream of visitors,the good news is that,Zookoda allows you to send a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your latest blog posts directly into your visitors inbox. Isn't that great?? Great for you and great for your visitors too!!
You can also manage email newsletter subscribers. One way to enhance your blog is to add newsletter subscription forms,to make it easier for new visitors to obtain your newsletter. You can even design some eye catching newsletters to match your blog design.That is sure to attract more visitors!!
How often your newsletter is to be circulated is totally at your discretion. You could schedule broadcasts for each day,week or month. Its like owning a popular magazine that is published periodically and has readers waiting for its release...and the best part is, you are the one man/woman :) army behind it!! You could also add features like real time open,bounce,click and unsubscribe reports. If you want to take all this one step further,and make sure your newsletter reaches your visitors whereever they are,you can access mobile users by emailing blog content in text format!! That way they sure wouldn't miss it!!Zookoda is a great way to make and keep your blog popular with your visitors..Go ahead and give it a try,you will not be disappointed!!

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