Friday, July 18, 2008

Dell Latitude D830 Laptop

The Dell Latitude D830 is our high-performance solution for professionals who require desktop capabilities on the go — especially those needing to run high-end graphics. Wide-screen options maximize view ability, and the D830 is also optimized for the latest external monitors, so users can make the most of their workday, in or out of the office.Latitude D830 is an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7250 (2.00GHz) 2M L2 Cache, 800MHz Dual Core.Its operating system is Genuine Windows Vista® Business Bonus-Windows® XP Professional loaded.This configuration of the Dell Latitude D830 is a 6-pound, consumer level notebook computer.The outer shell of the notebook is made of a magnesium alloy though the inner surfaces are still made of plastic.The right side houses the optical drive and two USB ports. The optical drive can be removed and replaced with the media bay battery while the computer is on; it acts like a plug and play device.The left side has an air vent, an IEEE 1394 port, mic and headset jacks, ExpressCard and PC card slots and something called a wifi-catcher which tells you whether you're in range of a wireless network. It is triggered by the small switch to the left.The back of the notebook has Ethernet, S-video, USB, modem, serial, VGA and power ports. Another USB port would have been nice; even the D630 has four.Finally, on the bottom of the machine you can see the battery, StrikeZone, memory cover, fan vent and docking port, but the primary battery is actually a tad bit loose, though I didn't notice until I took it out and put it back in.It has a 15.4 screen size, which is somewhat larger than some similarly priced notebooks.In fact, the typical cost of a product with this large a screen size is $1,065.Also, this notebook has a plug-in module media bay, which is considerably more favorable than some similarly priced notebooks.

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