Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unlimited time tunnel

Men have this undying fascination for cars,and the thrill associated with them!! The new Honda Accord ad,is an outright winner..! Close to 50 sky divers indulge in a free fall and build the steering wheel, suspension wire and rear view camera of the Accord! How cool is that??. Just when you think they have done the ultimate,you are treated to the parachute free fall,in which the divers form the name of the car - "ACCORD" with their parachutes....A must see!! The dedication and the hard work of the divers has paid off,and as the ad states "Difficult is worth doing". It was not an easy task to build the steering wheel,wire and camera,because these are forms that have never been built required the dedication and hard work of the divers,and I must say they have done an amazing job,with neatness!! This is an ad that Honda can be proud about! The Accord has announced its arrival with a bang and with its trendy design,is here to stay!!

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