Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Sci-Fi

The Leviathan Chronicles is an audio adventure that depicts the life of a genetic scientist,who suddenly discovers that she is immortal! She is caught between a war of two immortal groups,and is told that she is a messiah to a group of people she has never known...Hence starts her mysterious journey that gives an insight into the dark world of the immortals. As excerpts from the audio of the first episode state,she is being used to uncover some secrets and find some kind of a key. This audio adventure is created by writer/producer Christof Laputka. This ambitious series looks to bring back the wonder of a time when your own imagination filled in the gaps of a purely aural experience. The best thing about the Leviathan Chronicles is that it is released in podcast episodes. You can listen to the audio by streaming the audio from your computer or by downloading episodes to listen to them on your ipod. Its all yours to take!! You can listen to it anytime and anywhere and it's thrilling narration is bound to keep you sitting at the edge of your seat!! Log on Leviathan chronicles.com listen to the audio of the first episode!

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