Friday, July 4, 2008

Dell XPS M1530 laptop

Dell XPS M1530 laptop is the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T9300 (2.5GHz/800Mhz FSB, 6MB Cache).Its operating system is Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition SP1.It has 3GB Ram and 120GB 7200 HDD.And it also has a Bluetooth option and a DVD-RW.Here the power adapter is pretty cool as well, no velcro on this guy just a rubber strap .The case itself is very cool.It has a mesh like style with XPS all over it. However the flap closes down via 2 disc magnets, and as we all know, magnets +computers=bad news! The Crimson red is very sweet looking, it has no shine and is almost matte. The XPS & Dell logo makes themselves know almost looking metallic and is quite reflective.The battery sticks out or protrudes as you will, about 1 inch. It does however add to the overall look with this laptop open and i found it helps with typing as it raises the keyboard up as if you put the legs down on your PC keyboard. The SD/HS/Pro Card reader is right on the front & labeled, Dell has provided filler card for you.As you can see the Barrel hinge is a very cool feature.Left Side of the Laptop, Very clean to look at and accesible. One problem I can see is the USB/power/monitor out are all very close together, you will have to most likely look at the side when you wish to plug in USB when you have power & VGA hooked in. The screen is overly reflective when booting up and when the screen is not full of color. however the pure vibrance & sharpness of the glossy screen is astounding! If you are using this laptop near a window or light, you will either have to tilt the screen or rotate the laptop so you dont focus on the reflection, however these things do not bother me. The power cord is in a nice spot as for me when I want to move a laptop i lift up the front and drag it back or forward, however with a plug on the back you cannot do this as you will pinch it. Upon starting up the laptop you will be greated with a DELL windows login screen to start the login process, grab something to eat it will take about 5-10 min.

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