Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meet My Victory Hair

The last time you went on a date,did your hands constantly move to your head to set your hair?? Did you spend more time looking into your hand mirror to see if you looked alright, than with your date??. Put an end to all your worries..Extreme Style by VO5 is a range of hair care products that promises to give you gorgeous looking,easily manageable hair,hair that will make heads turn to look at you!! In other words,it will give what they describe as 'Victory Hair'. VO5's Extreme Style is holding a Ultimate Flirting Championship,to pick the best flirt among the contestants. This a crazy game to play,and guarantees loads of fun. All you have to do is wait for two more contestants to join you,to start playing the game. You can either be the judge or a player. The judge poses questions to the players,and the players are required to answer them in the most flirtatious way possible! At the end of the game,the judge chooses a winner, and the judge and the winner win Victory Hair :) :) ! Visit VO5 Victory Hair.com to play and enjoy the game and learn about the Extreme Style range of hair care products!!

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