Friday, December 12, 2008


When your best friend does not own the same gadget as you do,when you are tired of having the same audience for all your buys,when you wish you could ask somebody who uses the product,when you love your gadget so much so that you want to tell the whole world about it,when you are wondering about whom you can ask,to get a right opinion on what to buy,where to eat,where to play or any other question on your is time to visit!! This is a site that connects people who use the same gadgets, lets people voice their opinions on products,and lets you show off your gadgets as well!! You could choose from their categories which include - books,games,magazines,movies,music,toys,destinations,hotels,restaurants and a category called 'anything'! If what you want to talk about does not fit into any of these categories,all you have to do is mail acobay about it,and they will consider your suggestion....For all you know,you could even start a new category!! They even have stuff maps for all of the products in their categories.Register right away to enjoy the benefits!! :) Enjoy exploring,showing and networking.

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