Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where is the Love?

Where is the love?? Honestly,where has all the love in the world gone?? All that matters today is money and the race for time,even the language people speak is money. Terrorism is an added threat to the already dying love in the world. Though I think of this all the time,when it really comes down to taking action, I become numb!! Why do I take things for granted when it is happening to somebody else?? When I see something or somebody that touches me,I do try to help in the little ways that I can,but never go out of my way to make their lives a little better for them,atleast worth living...why? Are we so caught up in our lives that we forget about how even a small smile or a phone call could make a huge difference in their lives?? There is so much more running on my mind,guess i'll pen it down in the next post

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