Friday, December 12, 2008

GameBay's newest attraction is the R4 for Nintento DS. It is a flashcart,if you are not familiar with the term,a flashcart enables you to play games` that you can download from the internet for free` on a Nintendo DS. It even makes it possible for you to listen to music and mp3s on your nintendo,converting it into an "iPod"/Video player!! The use of the R4 DS requires two additional things - a nintendo DS(Lite ( 130$ approx.)) and a MicroSD cart (1 (8$ approx.) or 2 GB(12.50$ approx.)). First put the MicroSD cart into the MicroSD Reader that was delivered with the R4 DS. Then,put it into the USB port of your computer and place games onto the MicroSD cart.Remove the MicroSD reader from the computer and the MicroDS out of the MicroSD reader. Insert the MicroSD into the MicroSD Reader.Insert the R4 DS into the Nintendo DS and turn on the Nintendo DS,and.....enjoy your game :) !! Happy Gaming!

PS : has a sale on the hard to find R4 DS Revolution at $19 with FREE SHIPPING. This is the lowest price anywhere.

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