Sunday, December 7, 2008

Belly Dance

Actually I am a professional dancer.Dance is my passion.In dance,There are various types of dance is available.They are Ballet,Hip pop,free style,Jazz,Belly dance and so on.But most of the girls are willing to join in belly dance.Don't want to roam in and around of the place.Belly dance is a beautiful art form that’s great for health and fitness. It’s a fun way to exercise, to express your creativity, or just to feel good.Are you people interest to join the class for belly dance.Magical motion is a website for the belly dance.It provides all the information about the belly dance.And it also provides the Atea's belly dance videos clip for the people to watch it.Atea is a professional belly dance and teacher. She has developed a series of instructional videos to teach people how to belly dance.This website also explains about different types o belly dance.They are Classic American Belly dance,tribal belly dance,Gypsy Belly Dance,Goddess/Spiritual Belly Dance,Fusion Belly Dance,Fitness Belly Dance,Egyptian/Raks Sharki,Turkish/Oryantal Dansi,Lebanese, East Indian/Bollywood.This website provides three types of videos in belly dance-Basics, Slow Moves, Fast Moves.The site offers numerous article that describe how to perform each of the steps in the videos.

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