Monday, December 22, 2008

Gun Holsters

Guns are an important part of any policeman's career. It is important for them to have the right kind of holster to make it easier for them to carry their guns around...they cannot simply slip them into their pockets and get shot themselves (anything is possible,you never know!). Galco Holsters are the most preferred holsters,not only by policemen,they are a hot favourite among top hollywood stars..You sure cannot forget all those amazing action scenes where the holsters certainly cannot be missed out!! There are all kinds of holsters - shoulder,belt,paddle,ankle and even inside the pant holsters! Apart from this,there are also Galco magazine cases,Galco Tie down for ammo/holster side,Galco belts,waistpacks,range bags,gun cases,purses,slings,harnesses,ammo pouches/hunting carriers...Galco specializes in holsters made of horse hide...Already famous for high quality and innovative designs, Galco holsters gained worldwide notoriety when Don Johnson chose to wear the Jackass shoulder rig in the popular TV series "Miami Vice". Now known as the Miami Classic, this shoulder holster continues to be the most famous, recognizable, and imitated (but never duplicated) shoulder holster rig ever made. Galco is also preferred by most branches of the military, federal law enforcement, and most local law enforcement agencies . Even the civilians consider it the best..As their tagline goes Galco continues to be "for those who demand the best... and know the difference." The company offers FREE shipping on Galco holsters for orders over 75$ worth of their products. All you have to do to remove ground shipping charges is,type "galco" in the coupon box at checkout! You will even receive a free Galco hat on purchase of any Galco holster (one hat per order). Check out their site,for more information on any kind of police gear,holsters are just one of the products they sell.

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