Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HUBBLE :) !!

"Dog is man's best friend!" this is common statement you might hear from many pople who are fond of dogs.Being one of them you wouldn't be suprised if i advice to get one!Its a pleasure to describe about my dog.After much pondering over naming,i named him "Hubble".First my friends were taken a back after they heard the name,as we know its a scientist's name and even teased me saying he wouldn't understand his own name!Anyways proving them wrong my dog got along pretty good with name .The quality that makes him apart from others is his abilty to stand on two legs for longer time.It might sound funny but believe me!Coming to eating habits you can call him health freak,just feeds on raw vegetables and fruits,milk.Even after a day's tiring schedule i can relax my nerves by spending some time with him.Lately,i realized i actually missed important detail about my dog,its breed!Well its a pomerian,white one!So it goes without saying bathing him now and then takes lot of my patience and time.This the time real war begins between us,i got to say its not an easy task. However he's the best part of my life!

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