Monday, December 22, 2008

Super Bowl party

I really don't remember where this discussion came up, but a few mutual friends and I were talking about how awesome our super bowl recipes Sunday's have been over the past few years and that, when you really think about it, have even come to rival the Mother of all Holidays--yes, I'm talking about Christmas!But how could the Super Bowl dethrone the glorified machine that people of all paths have come to revere? Christmas is everything. It has humble reverence in celebration of Our Lord and Savior, yet it is also to worship some fat guy dressed in red who gives you cool electronics, money, and other gifts, who somewhere along the way was Sainted by the Church for taking the focus of Christmas off of Christ. I'm not crying blasphemy, but I am saying that with Christmas you literally do get the best of both worlds, at whatever cost from either side!However, our recent argument put into jeopardy this notion that Christmas will simply not be dethroned.

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