Thursday, December 18, 2008


Pay per click is the recent business in the internet that has become more famous in the world. Many have started this business and most of them are considered to be unethical. The one that Google provides is very much interesting. They provide the advertisement for the web site which should be hosted by the web site owner in informative Internet Marketing blog. If any one clicks the advertisement when he or she visits the web site then the web site owner will be given money on the ratio that is fixed by the company. This pay per click business was mishandled by some other companies. They make the people to click on the advertisement and view it for 30 seconds and then they will close. This is just for increasing the traffic to the web site which is considered as to be bogus and they also do not pay to the customer.Reciprocal consulting is a web site that provides you with insight of the company called Google which promotes a business named Adsense. This is a genuine program that develops both the customers of advertisement and also the person who host the advertisement. You will find many useful tips about this process in the web site that I mentioned earlier.

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