Monday, December 22, 2008


Attitude...I have come across loads of them. Some unbelievably loser type,some over confident,some 'i don't care a damn',some modest,some genuine,some fake,some over the top and lots more...I stongly believe "One's attitude determines his altitude". I have come across so many situations where the problem is solved by just looking at the problem from a different perspective,one that is confident that the problem will be solved and one that know's no failure....It is that kind of attitude that helps you think in the face of adversity,that will bring you success no matter what,that will take you to your goal...It needs a continuous introspection of your self and the courage to accept your mistakes and rectify them. There is no use crying over spilt milk,you have to clean up the mess and start looking for more milk to drink...There is so much more on my mind,but am out of time now...gotta run,will write more about this the next time

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