Friday, December 12, 2008

Got a Wish

I got a wish already for this holiday season. Have you asked Santa what you will wish for Christmas? Or did you sit on his lap already and told him about your wishes? I feel like a kid again thinking about it. I used to wait for Santa when I was a kid. I was so excited and I felt good knowing someone like him will visit me and give me the gifts I have wished for. I believed everything about him before. That is why I like this unique video by CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. They have a contest that you can join. It has been mentioned on the video. I like it. My picture was placed on it and I had the chance to sit on Santa's lap. I even made a wish. I was really surprised when my picture was uploaded. I chose that pretty picture of mine so Santa will like it. I showed it to my husband and he was smiling every time he saw my picture on the frame. CEIVA is a bit different from other digital photo frames. I noticed that it has unique design and features. It can receive pictures automatically sent directly to the frame from a computer or a camera phone. This would be a nice gift for your loved ones this holiday season. I would love to have one since I don't have a digital picture frame yet. Aside from having a frame, I would like to win the contest too. There would be 1 random entry to be selected for each day of the contest and the cash prize is $500 per winner. I just joined and you may join too. Who knows you will be the lucky winner. So good luck and hope all our wishes will come true! Click here so you can sit on Santa's lap too.

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