Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Metro Walk Mall

It is a city more than a mall.Its very vast and nice. All leading national and international brands are there.It have an amusement park adjacent to it, which is made on int standards. swings are just mind blowing!!very new and intresting!!!.And its special feature which i liked the most is the E ZONE, which is an electronic joint.you will get to see and buy all sought of electronic and new gadgets from all leading brands.Its architecture is new and good.It has some good eating options.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Acai Berry

Here is the real information about Acai Berry! Featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal online, and abc.com and many more, here is Acai Berry, and which has also been dubbed as the nature’s super food. Certainly, you would have heard acai berry diet by now. And how can you avoid it with famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray talking about this acai berry diet. Let alone, even the major news outlets are talking about this. If you want to know a little dirty secret which you will not hear on the news about Acai Berry here is what their web site reveals, Most of the Acai berry products do not work. And if you want to know the answer, well, in their greed, the nutrition manufacturers have taken an unbelievable superfood and have essentially watered it down to make it ineffective. If you visit their site, you can see their reviews from their own personal experiences with those of other women as well. They are not scientific reviews rather real world experiences. The product reviews are limited to free trials, because we believe it is an affordable way to get started on the progra. On their website, you can see the reviews of their products. A clean neat review of each and every product is presented there. Visit their site now.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Swimming is the movement through water of humans, animals and other creatures, without artificial assistance.Swimming is a fabulous workout, which is not only beneficial for the human body, but, also is a great fun to perform, especially during summers. In fact, in summer time, swimming serves as an excellent exercising choice to beat the summer heat. It provides you the best of both worlds, if on one hand, it provides the cardio benefits of running, then on the other hand, it paves way for achieving weight training strength building benefits.The reservoir of swimming health benefits is really comprehensive. This aerobic exercise is in real demand in the present times, owing to the reason that people tend to enjoy water sports. It ensures the well being of your heart and lungs. It enhances the flexibility of your joints and provides the the scope for boosting your physical activity workout level...!!!


Samanta is a website that provides different varieties of shoe models for women.It is really difficult to find a large size of shoes if you have a longer feet. But right now larger feet are no longer considered to be abnormal.The average women's shoe size is now around a US size 9 compared to a US size 6 or 7 in the seventies. The average fashion model wears size 11.Statistics show that millions of women cannot find shoes that fit correctly. But now you can easily find a shoe that will fit you. At samantashoes.com you can easily find the shoes that you are looking for.Samanta specializes in stylish footwear with unique comfort features.In addition to traditional sizes, Samanta offers large size womens shoes in size 11, size 12, size 13, size 14, and is expanding into wide width sizes. The collection is handcrafted in Brazil and retailing at specialty boutiques and samantashoes.com at $150-$200 for shoes, and $250-$350 for boots.Samanta shoes can be spotted on trendsetters like Tyra Banks, Debra Messing, Sanaa Lathan, Geena Davis, Sophia Bush, Queen Latifah, Rachel Bilson, and Rihanna. The company has also enjoyed a favorable response from the media, registering on the radars of the Oprah Magazine, Today Show, People, Marie Claire, Health, Lucky, InStyle, Essence, Latina, Black Enterprise, WSA Today, Footwear News, and Footwear Plus.So visit their site once if you are looking for variety of Size 12 womens shoes.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dr.Kumar Vishwas

Dr.Kumar Vishwas is one of the most promising poet of the new upcoming generation of Hindi poets.With his loquacity, panache and sheer intellect in his poems he has regaled the audience all over the country. His stage performances are unmatched in their spontaneity and intensity.He is the most respectable name in the field of poetry today, apart of freshness and purity the most surprising package associated with his creation is his ability to fill the so called gap between mass and class, While the soothing effect warmth and depth of his creations hypnotizes the intellectual audience of IITS and IIMsand makes him the most adorable poet among the technocrats, then the simplicity and his magical voice makes him the most popular poet among the down-to-earth, massive and huge-spread audience of kavisammelans

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where is the Love?

Where is the love?? Honestly,where has all the love in the world gone?? All that matters today is money and the race for time,even the language people speak is money. Terrorism is an added threat to the already dying love in the world. Though I think of this all the time,when it really comes down to taking action, I become numb!! Why do I take things for granted when it is happening to somebody else?? When I see something or somebody that touches me,I do try to help in the little ways that I can,but never go out of my way to make their lives a little better for them,atleast worth living...why? Are we so caught up in our lives that we forget about how even a small smile or a phone call could make a huge difference in their lives?? There is so much more running on my mind,guess i'll pen it down in the next post


The Yuki are a Native American tribe from the zone of Round Valley, in what today is part of the territory of Mendocino County, Northern California. Divisions of this tribe are thought to have settled as far south as Hood Mountain. In their language, the Yuki called themselves Ukomno'm The name Yuki is, in fact, an adaptation of the Wintu term "yuki" used to designate them by their neighbors, the Nomlaki, and from which the white explorers learned of their existence circa 1850.

Monday, December 22, 2008


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Graphics are visual presentations on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, computer screen, paper, or stone to brand, inform, illustrate, or entertain. Examples are photographs, drawings, Line Art, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings, or other images. Graphics often combine text, illustration, and color. Graphic design may consist of the deliberate selection, creation, or arrangement of typography alone, as in a brochure, flier, poster, web site, or book without any other element. Clarity or effective communication may be the objective, association with other cultural elements may be sought, or merely, the creation of a distinctive style.

Gun Holsters

Guns are an important part of any policeman's career. It is important for them to have the right kind of holster to make it easier for them to carry their guns around...they cannot simply slip them into their pockets and get shot themselves (anything is possible,you never know!). Galco Holsters are the most preferred holsters,not only by policemen,they are a hot favourite among top hollywood stars..You sure cannot forget all those amazing action scenes where the holsters certainly cannot be missed out!! There are all kinds of holsters - shoulder,belt,paddle,ankle and even inside the pant holsters! Apart from this,there are also Galco magazine cases,Galco Tie down for ammo/holster side,Galco belts,waistpacks,range bags,gun cases,purses,slings,harnesses,ammo pouches/hunting carriers...Galco specializes in holsters made of horse hide...Already famous for high quality and innovative designs, Galco holsters gained worldwide notoriety when Don Johnson chose to wear the Jackass shoulder rig in the popular TV series "Miami Vice". Now known as the Miami Classic, this shoulder holster continues to be the most famous, recognizable, and imitated (but never duplicated) shoulder holster rig ever made. Galco is also preferred by most branches of the military, federal law enforcement, and most local law enforcement agencies . Even the civilians consider it the best..As their tagline goes Galco continues to be "for those who demand the best... and know the difference." The company offers FREE shipping on Galco holsters for orders over 75$ worth of their products. All you have to do to remove ground shipping charges is,type "galco" in the coupon box at checkout! You will even receive a free Galco hat on purchase of any Galco holster (one hat per order). Check out their site lapolicegear.com,for more information on any kind of police gear,holsters are just one of the products they sell.


Attitude...I have come across loads of them. Some unbelievably loser type,some over confident,some 'i don't care a damn',some modest,some genuine,some fake,some over the top and lots more...I stongly believe "One's attitude determines his altitude". I have come across so many situations where the problem is solved by just looking at the problem from a different perspective,one that is confident that the problem will be solved and one that know's no failure....It is that kind of attitude that helps you think in the face of adversity,that will bring you success no matter what,that will take you to your goal...It needs a continuous introspection of your self and the courage to accept your mistakes and rectify them. There is no use crying over spilt milk,you have to clean up the mess and start looking for more milk to drink...There is so much more on my mind,but am out of time now...gotta run,will write more about this the next time

Super Bowl party

I really don't remember where this discussion came up, but a few mutual friends and I were talking about how awesome our super bowl recipes Sunday's have been over the past few years and that, when you really think about it, have even come to rival the Mother of all Holidays--yes, I'm talking about Christmas!But how could the Super Bowl dethrone the glorified machine that people of all paths have come to revere? Christmas is everything. It has humble reverence in celebration of Our Lord and Savior, yet it is also to worship some fat guy dressed in red who gives you cool electronics, money, and other gifts, who somewhere along the way was Sainted by the Church for taking the focus of Christmas off of Christ. I'm not crying blasphemy, but I am saying that with Christmas you literally do get the best of both worlds, at whatever cost from either side!However, our recent argument put into jeopardy this notion that Christmas will simply not be dethroned.

Junnar Taluka

Junnar Taluka is famous for its wells and Dams. Crops like Bajara and Rice are grown in this region and the most commonly grown rice here is Giresal .Vegetables like Tomato, Potato, Onion are also grown. You can also see flower gardens in this area. Oil Refinenary and Sugar Factory make up the industrial area. Adivasi Tribes are also found in this region.The famous and historical fort of Shivnary where Shivaji Maharaj was born is in this region.There is also a Satellite Center in Arvi.
There are some important places near JUNNAR which should be highlighted. NANE GHAT and JIVDHAN. JIVDHAN is a fort and it provides a panoramic view of whole plateau of KONKAN region.Junnar taluka in Maharahtra has the largest density of leopard population within a 500 sq km area.Junnar is also surrounded by much greenery and dams, such as Vadaj and Manikdoh, common picnic locations.

The Gift of Time

Come what may,watches will never go out of fashion! Classic watches are an all time favourite.They make great gifts and even greater Christmas gifts! There are all kinds of watches for all kinds of people...Be it kids,teenagers,youngsters in their 20s,middle aged,the elderly,there are watches for all of them. Watches apart from being a style atatement are also a symbol of status. There are so many brands that indicate sophisticated lifestyles and rich homes,and there are a lot of people who would love to own such watches but cannot afford them...For all you people here is some good news..thewatchery.com is a site that offers attractive discounts on branded watches..That makes it possible for you to grab one of your faves at an affordable price.They have almost all brands and their watches are all original with authentic serial numbers and brand-new,none of them are refurbished or manufacturer's rejects.The website has a very user friendly interface and probably on of the most detailed online storefronts.So go ahead and make your holiday gift purchases at thewatchery.com and make the best of some wonderful deals available. Don't forget to visit their holiday gift guide.if you want more details,go and visit this website..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Poona Horse

"To The Bravest Of The Brave", The 17th Queen Victoria's Own Poona Horse(1817).One of the finest Cavalry Regiments of the British Indian Army and now the Indian Armoured Corps, the regiment has the distinction of having the highest number of Battle Honours(36) in the entire Commonwealth.Poona Horse is the highest decorated British Indian Cavalry regiment and Indian Armoured Corps regiment producing 4 Victoria cross and 2 Param Vir Chakras respectively and giving this country 2 honourable soldiers: Lt Col A.B. Tarapore and 2nd Lt Arun Khetrapal.


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Chat Lines

People as a human need a society which we can live in and find our place in the society and develop meaningful relations with other fellow human beings. Today, I would like to write a review about Talk121 chat lines, a fantastic way for guys and gals to make new friends, for both long term relationships or short term casual encounters. These lines are often called phone chat lines, chat lines, live chat lines, free teen chat lines and local chat lines. It is the easy way to meet people in your local area or in cities across the U.S. The great news is Talk121 is offering FREE ACCESS to their chat line. You can simply call 509-676-1000 for a free chat. As a leader is live chat services, Talk121 is dedicated to providing live chat through the internet and phone. You are enable to choose which callers are of interest to you and request live conversations with other callers or send them messages. But you should bear in mind that for adult chat, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi Razdan is another popular (and pretty) face on NDTV. She joined NDTV in 1999 and has grown with the organization. Covering the Gujarat earthquake, Kashmir issues, politics, Kandahar plane hijack, the UK elections and many more, Razdan has earned quite a name for herself at a young age. What's the one thing that this young lady would like to change about television as far as news channels are concerned? Razdan quips, "I wish they wouldn't sensationalize news. Getting news first is important but getting it right is even more important." While in the news business it's a done thing to get used to the phrase 'Breaking News' as one comes across it every day… Here's one who hates the phrase! "Breaking news is not something that keeps happening every five minutes unlike in our country. News of any magnitude is made into breaking news these days. But I think it will change very soon in our country," foresees Razdan. She unwinds from her hectic schedule by watching TV and is addicted to news apart from sitcoms l


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Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is the son of Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan and actress Jaya Bhaduri . Abhishek did his schooling at Jamnabai Narsee School, Bombay Scottish School, Modern School (New Delhi) and also went to Aiglon College. He then went to the United States to complete his education at Boston University. His grandfather, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, was a well-known poet of Urdu and Hindi. The original last name of the family is "Srivastav"; "Bachchan" was in fact a pen name used by his grandfather. However, when his father Amitabh Bachchan entered films, he did so under his father's pen name.Bachchan had been linked to many of his co-stars but denied the rumours.After much speculation concerning their relationship, his engagement to Aishwarya Rai was announced on January 14, 2007 [15]. The announcement was later confirmed by Amitabh Bachchan [16].

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Sanyo is a website for to buy the men's wool coat.It is one the largest apparel manufactures in Japan which has a long rich history dating back to 1943. It was the first company to treat wool gabardine for water repellancy.It provides variety of collection in wool coat.They are wool overcoat,cashmere overcoat,rainwear and outerwear.These coats are designed to be used in either a causal day out or a formal event. Featuring the breath thermo technology, these cashmere coats will keep you warm in the cold weather.Using the finest wool's in the world, Sanyo's wool coat collection comprise of variety of selections to suit every man's lifestyle in the cold weather.Rainwear are made with perfection to keep you dry from the rainy weather. With the use of Water Proof Lining this creates increase layer of water protection.And finally outerwear consists of blousons and pea coats to fit that everyday lifestyle. This could either be worn as a weekender coat or as a regular everyday coat.This website is also provides a separate page for the size chart.So It is very convenient to select a wool coat.

Mangal Pandey

The first freedom fighter and martyr Shree Mangal Pandey was born in village Nagwa District Ballia. He was famous for bravery amongst his colleagues.An english scholar "Fisher" has written that Shri Mangal Pandey was having all qualities of a good soldier. He was so brave and capable to embrace his death peacefully.According to the records available in Jabalpur museum( general order books). Shri Mangal Pandey was due to be executed on 18th April but he was hanged ten days before i.e. 8th April and it was kept secret. Because english rules were well aware of the fact that if Mangal Pandey remains alive it will endanger British rule.Thus Mangal Pandey became the first freedom fighter & and martyr of 1857. The name of Mangal Pandey became an emblem of revolt against British rule.


Pay per click is the recent business in the internet that has become more famous in the world. Many have started this business and most of them are considered to be unethical. The one that Google provides is very much interesting. They provide the advertisement for the web site which should be hosted by the web site owner in informative Internet Marketing blog. If any one clicks the advertisement when he or she visits the web site then the web site owner will be given money on the ratio that is fixed by the company. This pay per click business was mishandled by some other companies. They make the people to click on the advertisement and view it for 30 seconds and then they will close. This is just for increasing the traffic to the web site which is considered as to be bogus and they also do not pay to the customer.Reciprocal consulting blog.com is a web site that provides you with insight of the company called Google which promotes a business named Adsense. This is a genuine program that develops both the customers of advertisement and also the person who host the advertisement. You will find many useful tips about this process in the web site that I mentioned earlier.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chaos Science

The science of chaos cuts across traditional disciplines, tying together unrelated kinds of wildness and irregularity, from the turbulence of weather to the complicated rhythms of the human heart, from the design of snowflakes to the whorls of windswept desert sands .It is established in the 1960s, chaos theory deals with the behaviour of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that (under certain conditions) exhibit the phenomenon known as chaos, most famously characterised by a high sensitivity to initial conditions (see Butterfly effect). Examples for such systems are the atmosphere, plate tectonics, economies, and population growth.

BBW Chat

BBWchatcity.com is a site that is dedicated for BBW peoples to come and chat together.This website is basically for the people who are searching across the world for some good, clean adult fun.You could also broadcast yourself through a web cam and make others to see you. The registration in this site is totally free, you could also start chating instantly without registering by entering the Guest Chat. In either way, it’s going to be fun! so, don’t miss great fun awaiting for you in the name of Free BBW Chat.

Turning point

Turning point is a six-day workshop intended for identifying capacities of each individual, make each of them to fix a goal according to their capacities and then to programme a plan for reaching the goal. It is also intended to develop the inter or intra personal relationship of individuals and to build their confidence, making them comfortable while facing the public, attending interviews or group discussions and so on. A lot of skill development techniques are also incorporated into the programme.

Phone Number Trace

Trace Phone Numbers is a website that provides the easiest way to find out the wrong calls.It is very irritating and create tension to the people.So don't worry about wrong or missed calls.This website gives a easy way to catch that number by you can browse by state, area code, or enter a full phone number into the search bar provided for the fast results.It provides the details of that number.It is also provides the area code search facility.If you want to visit that website,log on to www.reversephonenumbertrace.com.

National Innovation Foundation

National innovation foundation promotes grassroots technologies,traditional knowledge's,herbal practices,sustainable technologies,organic farming e.t.c. It has a fully equips lab(SRISTI) for testing of herbal practices,organic farming e.t.c.If you want to work for grassroots people,loves creativity and wants to promote grassroots innovations,traditional know ledges,organic farming, herbal practices.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


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Back bench

Gulping down breakfast after a quick shower, you enter your class 15 minutes after the lecture has begun.You select the last bench and patiently wait only for the attendance. There are a handful of sincere first-bench-students, who attend every lecture and have all the detailed notes, which the outstanding students, (students who are always standing out) can photocopy a few days before the examinations. By the end of the lecture, everyone is restless and keeps glancing at their watches, slamming books and dropping bags .still the professor mercilessly continues teaching with their lungs out to fill something in our empty upper chambers and help us fill that white sheet of paper with those black lines which we get somewhere around March-April.


The color green brings always brings about a sense of peace and a feeling that is so soothing that you forget all your worries. It is therapeutic,and helps convalescents. Lawns,parks,trees lined up on road sides are all a a pleasure to the eyes!! Imagine having a year around lawn with almost zero maintenance,that is possible only with artificial grass!! FieldTurf ,an artificial grass company provides the best synthetic turf on the market and is the closest alternative to natural grass landscaping. Here is some information for you, FieldTurf is being used as the best alternative to natural grass in National Football League, Professional Baseball, and college and high school sports teams for their playing surfaces.The best part about FieldTurf is that it comes with a 20 to 30 year life,and is bound to look great till then,and the maker's assure that it will not fall apart either.FieldTurf has a built-in UV protection solution that will allow it to hold its color even under the most dramatic conditions. Independent studies show that FieldTurf will fade at a rate of less than 1% per year. This means that after ten years in direct sunlight, any color change will still be imperceptible to the human eye. You really cannot find anything better than Artificial Grass Los Angeles CA. Visit their site easyturf.com for all the information you want on FieldTurf!


A lisp is a speech impediment, historically also known as sigmatismStereotypically, people with a lisp are unable to pronounce sibilants (like the sound [s]), and replace them with interdentals (like the sound [θ]), though there are actually several kinds of lisp. The result is that the speech is unclear.Interdental lisping is produced when the tip of the tongue protrudes between the front teeth and "dentalised" lisping is produced when the tip of the tongue just touches the front teeth.The "lateral" lisp, where the /s/ and /z/ sounds are produced with air escaping over the sides of the tongue, is also called 'slushy ess' or a 'slushy lisp' due to the wet, spitty sound. In the "palatal lisp," the speaker attempts to make the sounds with the tongue in contact with the palate.

Low Rate Credit Cards

Credit cards are a luxury. There is no hassle of carrying around huge amounts of cash and worrying about both your as well as the cash's security...with credits,all you have to do is go to your favourite shop,choose,bill and swipe,and the product is all yours! Though credit cards look and sound all that easy to use,there is a lot that goes into the process and there are a lot of hidden charges and you can end up in an unpleasant situation if don't really know the ropes!! If you are new to the whole concept or need some help regarding your card,zero rate could help you...ZeroRate.net is a leading low interest rate credit card marketplace, bringing consumers and card issuers together online. Customers can compare hundreds of credit card offers by category and even get to know about low rate credit cards. Apart from offering news features and tools,the site also provides consumers with the largest variety of credit card offers online! To make things even more easier for you they even list credit card offers from leading credit card issuers and banks, each linked to a secure online application, including Discover, American Express, Chase, HSBC, Washington Mutual, U.S. Bank, Advanta, Visa, Master Card, and a lot more service providers...Visit the site to learn more,CashBack Credit Cards As A Way To Save Money might help you!

HUBBLE :) !!

"Dog is man's best friend!" this is common statement you might hear from many pople who are fond of dogs.Being one of them you wouldn't be suprised if i advice to get one!Its a pleasure to describe about my dog.After much pondering over naming,i named him "Hubble".First my friends were taken a back after they heard the name,as we know its a scientist's name and even teased me saying he wouldn't understand his own name!Anyways proving them wrong my dog got along pretty good with name .The quality that makes him apart from others is his abilty to stand on two legs for longer time.It might sound funny but believe me!Coming to eating habits you can call him health freak,just feeds on raw vegetables and fruits,milk.Even after a day's tiring schedule i can relax my nerves by spending some time with him.Lately,i realized i actually missed important detail about my dog,its breed!Well its a pomerian,white one!So it goes without saying bathing him now and then takes lot of my patience and time.This the time real war begins between us,i got to say its not an easy task. However he's the best part of my life!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Promotional products

Selling a good service is more than just making money; it is building a relationship with your customer. More often than not a customer buys your product or service because they have a need for it. The need may be material, emotional, social, psychological or just plain self gratification. Therefore the link between you and your market is a lot more intimate than it seems.When your goods or services fulfill or even exceed your customer’s expectations then consider the sale a success. This means that they will definitely be back for more. This is how your relationship with your customer is established. Like any relationship, your connection with your customers has to be nurtured and taken care of. The best way to take care of this relationship is through promotional products blog.These are handy items that bear the logo or name of a company. The company name and logo may be accompanied by a specific brand. Popular products include baseball caps, key chains, calendars, shirts and stickers. Notice that these are items that are either noticeably displayed by the owners, commonly or frequently used, and can be had for a very cheap price.Promotional products are a special way of advertising compared to radio, television, internet and print media. The receiver of the giveaway can take with them something tangible. This tangible item can be taken anywhere or can be used everyday. When the customer wears or uses your gift, he or she is reminded of your company and your company’s products. When others see him or her with it, they are made aware or reminded of your company or products as well.

Social Service

Social Service is for the people who believe that equity or "equal opportunity" is the cornerstone to civilization. Every human being must have roughly the same opportunity to succeed in life, irrespective of where or how she/he is born.Unfortunately, this tends to not to be true. The last two decades have witnessed a widening of the gap between the rich and poor in India. While the poor in India don't get a fair chance to succeed in life (lack of access to decent education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities), the well-off continue to enjoy benefits from a globalising economy- greater incomes, reducing taxes, 100% inheritance, etc. The net result is a ticking time-bomb of growing social unrest.

Ceiling Fan Warehouse

I can't imagine a house without ceiling fans!! They are the most essential part of any house's ventilation system...When you are going to have fans you might as well have something that has quality!! If you don't know how to choose a good one you can look for help online. Ceilingfanwarehouse.com is a site that can help you find the best fans in your budget,and that too at never before attractive prices! You can find all kinds of fans here,,Daytona,Designer Supreme III,Orbit,NewCastle,Durango,Olympia,Deluxe,Ming Dynasty,Monet,Maxima,Ashlyn,Vera Cruz and many more ceiling fans. You can even find variety of Contemporary Style Ceiling Fans here,at prices that will cause a jaw drop! As their tagline reads "You will be blown away by their prices"!All domestic orders are shipped via UPS. A per-item shipping fee is quoted based on the weight of the order and destination.Stock lighting and fans are shipped out within 24-48 hours. Special Order items generally ship within three to four weeks. Stock status inquiries are typically responded to within 24 hours! They accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover through our online payment system. However,you could contact them regarding payments offline.


Indra is the god of War and Weather, also the King of the gods or Devas and Lord of Heaven or Svargaloka in Hinduism.Indra is the chief god of the Rigveda (besides Agni). He delights in drinking Soma, and the central Vedic myth is his heroic defeat of Vritra, liberating the rivers, or alternatively, his smashing of the Vala, a stone enclosure where the Panis had imprisoned the cows, and Ushas (dawn). He is the god of war, smashing the stone fortresses of the Dasyu, and invoked by combatants on both sides in the Battle of the Ten Kings.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Business Survival

Are you a control freak? Do you dread being under somebody and having to receive instructions from them when you would rather run your own business?? Is financial constraints the only reason that is keeping you in your current job?? :) Then gear up for a new job where you will be the boss,because onlinecheck.com is a site that provides fast business loans for people like you who are looking to start a business of their own and are in need of funds. What makes them more appealing than traditional banks is that they have less stringent requirements,faster approvals and no closing cost or fees!! It is ok if you have bad credit. They have a 90% merchant loan approval rate, the loans get approved in around 48 hours,the funds will get deposited in your bank within 5 to 7 business days,their repayment schedule is not a nightmare,there is no collateral and it needs only minimal requirements which make it possible for an easy application! They even help with credit card processing,business cash advance,check processing and,merchant gift cards. Their payment processing solutions are designed to meet the requirements of both medium and enterprise level companies yet affordable for new businesses searching for a scalable solution. Visit their site to learn more.

Hakka Cuisine

The Hakka people have a marked cuisine and style of Chinese cooking which is little known outside the Hakka home. Hakka cuisine concentrates on the texture of food - the hallmark of Hakka cuisine. Whereas preserved meats feature in Hakka delicacy, stewed, braised, roast meats, 'texturized' contributions to the Hakka palate have a central place in their repertoire. In fact the raw materials for Hakka food are no different from raw materials for any other type of regional Chinese cuisine, what you cook depends on what is available in the market. Hakka cuisine may be described as outwardly simple but tasty. The skill in Hakka cuisine lies in the ability to cook meat thoroughly without hardening it, and to naturally bring out the proteinous flavour (umami taste) of meat. Most of the Chinese restaurants in the United Kingdom are owned by Hakkas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flea Control

Having a pet is a pleasure!! Atleast thats what we think until we understand what really goes into keeping them healthy! As a kid I used to beg my parents to let me have a pup,when we got one,I enjoyed spending a lot of time adoring him,and taking him out for walks,i thought my responsibility ended there,until I started noticing the fleas...At first I thought they were little flies which would eventually fly away (i was kid,i told you),only when my dog started behaving odd did I realise,they could have something to do with it. The best suggestion would be to visit a Vet,but it wouldn't harm if you kept yourself informed,the internet is a great place to look for info in,and one website that can give you info on fleas is fleascontrol.com. Apart from general tips on how to control fleas, flea treatment and what products you can use,the site also has info on flea bites,some general petting questions,pet product reviews and some pictures of our pets' dreaded enemies! Visit the site for some information that is worth the while...

Friday, December 12, 2008


As we are getting ready to celebrate the silver jubilee of our Eparchy in 2013, the forth coming years are dedicated to different themes. To begin with, the year 2007 is dedicated to the Year of Children and Youth (YCY). The Logo for the Year of Children and Youth (YCY) is “Hold His hand and walk with Him”. The Vision Statement of YCY is “To bring the youth and children to the mainstream of parish, zonal and diocesan level activities with deeper awareness of their liturgical, spiritual and social life”. It is the responsibility of all of us to lead the children and youth of our diocese to Hold Jesus’ hand and walk with Him towards a fuller and positive life. As the vision explains, it is the right time to bring the youth and children in the mainstream of our parish, Zonal and Diocesan level activities by in enkindling the spirit of Jesus for a deeper awareness of their liturgical, spiritual and social life.

Got a Wish

I got a wish already for this holiday season. Have you asked Santa what you will wish for Christmas? Or did you sit on his lap already and told him about your wishes? I feel like a kid again thinking about it. I used to wait for Santa when I was a kid. I was so excited and I felt good knowing someone like him will visit me and give me the gifts I have wished for. I believed everything about him before. That is why I like this unique video by CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. They have a contest that you can join. It has been mentioned on the video. I like it. My picture was placed on it and I had the chance to sit on Santa's lap. I even made a wish. I was really surprised when my picture was uploaded. I chose that pretty picture of mine so Santa will like it. I showed it to my husband and he was smiling every time he saw my picture on the frame. CEIVA is a bit different from other digital photo frames. I noticed that it has unique design and features. It can receive pictures automatically sent directly to the frame from a computer or a camera phone. This would be a nice gift for your loved ones this holiday season. I would love to have one since I don't have a digital picture frame yet. Aside from having a frame, I would like to win the contest too. There would be 1 random entry to be selected for each day of the contest and the cash prize is $500 per winner. I just joined and you may join too. Who knows you will be the lucky winner. So good luck and hope all our wishes will come true! Click here http://www.sitonsantaslap.com/?utm_source=b so you can sit on Santa's lap too.


Kaizen is a non-profit making social group comprising of students, above 18 yrs of age, working hard for the betterment of the society. Kaizen is a japanese term which means continous improvement. kaizen is known for organising various competitions for students in the field of art, literature, sports, academics etc. It is also actively involved in cultural n social event management.this group will b regularly updated with news n photos of the events recently organised by the group.


Come the festival season,and there is joy in the air...People wishing each other,buying gifts for loved ones,the excitement of receiving gifts,the anticipation,the mouth watering food,the good wishes,the family get togethers,letters to santa claus,silent prayers,merry carols,the beginning of a new year...everything seems renewed,like the beginning of a new phase of life!! And what better way to address this ocassion than to personalized greeting cards?? Be it your boss,your parents,brother,sister,grandparents,friends or just about anybody would be flattered!! The Gallery Collection specializes in personalized Business Christmas cards and Corporate Holiday card greetings. Their Assortment Boxes that put together quality and variety come in handy in a lot of ocassions. A personal touch can be added to any business holiday card or Christmas card by hand signing using their metallic gold or silver pens. The Greeting Card Extras section will take you through elegant envelope seals you can choose from,to add that final touch to your Personalized Holiday Cards. They also provide their customers a Greeting Card Etiquette resource whose articles are filled with useful tips to help customers navigate their way through a variety of issues! Their Greetings Cards Blog is another world! Visit the site to learn more!!


There’s always been a patriarch for every field. He leads, people follow. He takes new paths - praised if he’s successful, derided if he fails. But then somebody has to do the job. Somebody has to invent for the others to reinvent. Somebody has to stand up for our fifty six year old philosophy - for the people, by the people, to the people. Shah Rukh Khan did just that. A clear brand philosophy and a brilliant understanding of mass psyche has been the strength of the SRK product. He is probably the best brand ever churned out by Indian industry. This book is therefore also the tale of a journey that led from a suburban housing colony in New Delhi into the homes, hearts and minds of innumerable fans all over the world, a journey that transcended boundaries of nations, and the artificial barriers of culture.The book is the story of a survivor, a winner, a never-ending story of success.


When your best friend does not own the same gadget as you do,when you are tired of having the same audience for all your buys,when you wish you could ask somebody who uses the product,when you love your gadget so much so that you want to tell the whole world about it,when you are wondering about whom you can ask,to get a right opinion on what to buy,where to eat,where to play or any other question on your mind....it is time to visit acobay.com!! This is a site that connects people who use the same gadgets, lets people voice their opinions on products,and lets you show off your gadgets as well!! You could choose from their categories which include - books,games,magazines,movies,music,toys,destinations,hotels,restaurants and a category called 'anything'! If what you want to talk about does not fit into any of these categories,all you have to do is mail acobay about it,and they will consider your suggestion....For all you know,you could even start a new category!! They even have stuff maps for all of the products in their categories.Register right away to enjoy the benefits!! :) Enjoy exploring,showing and networking.


Out of the 250 computer languages that are in existence, the first choice of computer professional today is C or C++. However, there are same diehards who still feel that road to haven is through Cobol. Thus, are these guys who use C, C++ stupid? If C programmers are stupid, then the two top software companies of the world have been stupidly scaling new heights everyday. Microsoft Corp. and Borland International write all their best selling software in C or C++. These comprise Windows 95, Visual C++, Borland C++ etc., all best-sellers in true sense of the word. For that matter, even the Cobol compiler is written in C.


GameBay.com's newest attraction is the R4 for Nintento DS. It is a flashcart,if you are not familiar with the term,a flashcart enables you to play games` that you can download from the internet for free` on a Nintendo DS. It even makes it possible for you to listen to music and mp3s on your nintendo,converting it into an "iPod"/Video player!! The use of the R4 DS requires two additional things - a nintendo DS(Lite ( 130$ approx.)) and a MicroSD cart (1 (8$ approx.) or 2 GB(12.50$ approx.)). First put the MicroSD cart into the MicroSD Reader that was delivered with the R4 DS. Then,put it into the USB port of your computer and place games onto the MicroSD cart.Remove the MicroSD reader from the computer and the MicroDS out of the MicroSD reader. Insert the MicroSD into the MicroSD Reader.Insert the R4 DS into the Nintendo DS and turn on the Nintendo DS,and.....enjoy your game :) !! Happy Gaming!

PS : GameBay.com has a sale on the hard to find R4 DS Revolution at $19 with FREE SHIPPING. This is the lowest price anywhere.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hydrogen cars

The trouble with today's cars is that they still put out a lot of pollution, and use up fossil fuels. One day, we have to run out of fossil fuels.The first way is that you can burn hydrogen in a modified car engine. Two companies, BMW GM and Mazda, are working on this. The engine works fine, but with about 20% less power - which is pretty reasonable, considering that we have been working on the petrol engine for a century or so. When you burn hydrogen in an engine, you get mostly water coming out of the tailpipe. You also get small amounts of oxides of nitrogen (from the nitrogen in the air), and even smaller amount of hydrocarbons (from traces of the lubricants in the combustion chambers of the engine). Even so, a hydrogen-powered car is much less polluting than a petrol-powered car.

ID Theft

ID theft already ruins many people’s life. Id theft takes people money and then uses it to purchase many bad things. I believe you ever heard some story that tells about that. Well, Id theft is one of the most dangerous crimes in nation wide. If you don’t want gain the same problems like them, you have to add some protection to protect your name and your personal ID, including your accounts in the bank. You need LifeLock protection.If you interesting and want to know how this code works for you, you can find the information that you need in the official website. You can go to LifeLock.com. This website will explain to you about the Life Lock promo code and ID theft. The price of the promo code is not expensive. You will get many advantages from the code. This website guarantees your good name for $ 1 million.You can see many advantages in the website. With this code, the ID theft can not open your account and take your money or use your credit card. Purchase right to now to prevent your personal ID from ID theft. If you have questions and need to read more information, you can go to the official website id-theft-security.com and read it.

Loans 1D

Most of us would never budge ourselves to be ruled or over-powered by someone. This theory of life implies even in our work-place. We mostly don't want to be an sub-ordinate working under a manager. Many people who want to start a new business are in sufficient of finance. They hunt for people or organization which provide Small Business Loans. Where ever they go they will be questioned for a security for their loan approval. How good it would be if we can get Unsecured Personal Loans ? One such company which I came across is the one linked here. Which provides Business Loans , for people who are in need of money to start their own business. They have a minimal pre-qualification needed for their loan sanction and the money is available for any kind of usage related to business setting. They also have an toll-free phone number to help out their customers. This facility of loan availability is present for all the 50 states of USA. They provide loan payable back in six to 84 months time at a relatively low interest rate. These people have nearly nine years of customer satisfied experience in this field. They are one of the leading loan consultancy services available in our country.


Innovating to provide All you desire : TOYOTA KNOWS THE ROADS OF THE WORLD. This unmatched expertise and experience has been combined with a deep understanding of what owners look for in their cars to give shape to a never-before automobile, The Toyota Innova. The Innova is a result of a unique process that has broken new grounds in the way automobiles are created. The Innova brings together qualities never before seen together in an automobile. Fantastic ride quality and luxury coupled with versatile space; superior performance and driving pleasure with world class safety, advanced styling with solid durability.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Perfect Match

By searching the internet,There are more and more search engines are available.In that,Most of the top search engines like Google and Yahoo! are focusing on improving their local search features and advertising outlets like Ad Words, Verizon Super Pages and CitySearch are promoting new ways of reaching the searcher next door.Localized search is one of the hottest new topics in search engine marketing and online advertising this year.The Local Match is the best place to find your best partner for dating. They also offer free membership plans for their clients. They provides thousands Local Singles profile with the photo and you can choose the best partner which matches your lifestyle. They provide best online customer support functionality.


The Uno was launched in 1983 to replace the aging Fiat 127.It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro's Ital Design company, its tall, square body and a low drag coefficient of 0.34 won it much praise for interior space and fuel economy. It was voted Car of the Year in 1984 by a narrow margin over the Peugeot 205 (its key competitor) and the Mark 2 Volkswagen Golf. Initially, the Uno was offered with the 0.9 ohv, 1.1 and 1.3 138-series sohc petrol engines, as well as a 1.3 diesel engine. The Uno was available as either a 3 or 5 door hatchback.In September 1989 the Uno was given a mild facelift, which saw revisions to the bodywork that improved the drag coefficient to 0.30. The interior was also revised. At this time, the old 1.1 engine was replaced by a new FIRE version, and a new Tipo derived 1.4 engine replaced the Strada derived 1.3 in both naturally aspirated and Turbo versions, Uno Turbo i.e. variant was reestyled too, and upgraded with an Garret T2 turbine, Bosch LH Jetronic fuel ingection and better CX aerodinami

Heritage Web Solutions

In less than one month, we will be welcoming a brand new year and of course one of the things that people look forward to having by 2009 is having a more prosperous if not a more stable financial life. I am personally looking forward to a more abundant life by next year and I am personally planning on starting a business to help with our family’s finances.If you are planning to have a business the same way that I do, you might want to consider having an online business. There are actually a number of people these days who find the internet a good place to offer their products or services. You might want to set up a website and sell stuffs that you are really interested in. If you love books and you know where you can get good deals of books that you can resell for a good price online, then why not set up a website and sell books through it?You might want to have a professionally made website that looks clean and unique as your site may say a lot about the kind of products or services that you offer. Some people worry about setting up their site because they are not familiar with web design and similar stuffs. Nevertheless, you need not be tech savvy to start your very own website as there are now sites that provide ecommerce and web design services. One of these sites is the Heritage Web Solutions. Heritage Web Design provides custom web site design as well as other e-commerce services that you might be interested to avail of when starting a website for your business. Visit their website to learn more about their products and services that you can avail to get started with your very own e commerce website.

Audi Q7 V12 TDI

The immediacy of the power flow shows in a 0-62mph sprint time of just 5.5 seconds, and the incredible performance is tempered only by the electronic limiter’s cut-in at 155mph. Yet unlike many petrol-powered V12 performance cars that at times struggle to return double-digit fuel economy figures, the Q7 V12 TDI achieves a surprisingly ‘real world’ 23.7mpg on the combined cycle, running many considerably less powerful V6 TDI SUVs remarkably close.The V12 unit that powered the Audi R10 TDI to the first ever Le Mans victory for a diesel-powered sports prototype, the 6.0-liter, 500PS engine will be available in fully fledged series production Q7 models in the foreseeable future. Externally, the Q7 V12 TDI test car makes its presence felt even more emphatically than its V6 and V8 relatives through a striking new front end design featuring a unique chrome plated grille and LED strip daytime running lights, additional under-body protection paneling and large-bore exhausts.


Debt can make life miserable,so miserable that it can drive people to suicide. It is best not to get into debt,but if you already have,then it is very essential for you to learn how to manage your debts and pay them off at the earliest. Interest rates are another looming concern,and so is running the family. It would take a toll on your way of living if you do not find a way to settle your debts at the earliest. If you are looking for guidance,Bills.com has the debt consolidation tips and resources that will help you get the best debt consolidation option for your situation so that you can save fast. The site gives information on almost everything regarding debts,starting from a glossary of debt consolidation terms to proper professional and practical guidance that will have you debt free in a few months time. How many months,depends on the kind of debt that you are into.They can help you with mortgage,debts,insurance,bill consolidation,loans and credit. Their articles and money tips will sure make you finance sensible and lay the path for you to lead a debt free, happy life.


They say you can judge a man's charecter by looking at his shoes. Shining shoes imply perfection,cleanliness,discipline and the list goes on...and what keeps shoes shining??? Shoe polish of course!! Because shoe polish is not a cleaning agent,the footwear should be dry and clean before application. Shoe polish is applied to the shoe using a rag,cloth or brush.Another technique,known as spit-polishing or bull polishing,involves gently rubbing polish into the leather with a cloth and a drop of water or spit! Ye,you read right...spit!! ou will be surprised to know that this achieves the mirror-like,high gloss finish sometimes known as a spit shine which is especially valued in military organizations. Polishes containing carnauba wax can be used as a protective coating to extend the life and look of a leather shoe.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Belly Dance

Actually I am a professional dancer.Dance is my passion.In dance,There are various types of dance is available.They are Ballet,Hip pop,free style,Jazz,Belly dance and so on.But most of the girls are willing to join in belly dance.Don't want to roam in and around of the place.Belly dance is a beautiful art form that’s great for health and fitness. It’s a fun way to exercise, to express your creativity, or just to feel good.Are you people interest to join the class for belly dance.Magical motion is a website for the belly dance.It provides all the information about the belly dance.And it also provides the Atea's belly dance videos clip for the people to watch it.Atea is a professional belly dance and teacher. She has developed a series of instructional videos to teach people how to belly dance.This website also explains about different types o belly dance.They are Classic American Belly dance,tribal belly dance,Gypsy Belly Dance,Goddess/Spiritual Belly Dance,Fusion Belly Dance,Fitness Belly Dance,Egyptian/Raks Sharki,Turkish/Oryantal Dansi,Lebanese, East Indian/Bollywood.This website provides three types of videos in belly dance-Basics, Slow Moves, Fast Moves.The site offers numerous article that describe how to perform each of the steps in the videos.


Youth stands for vitality. It is identified with energy. This youthful vigour transcends all nationality, all borders and unites all the young members of the society into a bond. This is a step to unite the youth from all over India and also to make the world realize our importance. We all know that we need to transform India and only the youth with their unique perspective can achieve this transformation globally. Lets all join hands.Talk about a new, unconventional and unique concept of a youth revolution [ yuva kranti] through political participation which can be achieved through a Youth awakening.


Web Hosting Report.com is a site that will make your search for a suitable web host,a cake walk. It is a site that provides a complete comparison of the best Web hosting providers.These comparisons are based on plan pricing, disk space, bandwidth, and the number of domains that you can host with one account. That is just about everything you need to know before you can make an informed decision.Some of their categories include - Windows, Linux, blog hosting, and dedicated servers. Also,their complete directory of providers offers you a wide selection to choose from, including: Yahoo! Web Hosting, WebHostingPad.com, BlueHost.com, HostMonster.com, ixWebHosting.com, Start Logic Hosting, IPower, HostMonster.com and others.Choosing a good web hosting company has never been this easy!


The famous saying... "What's the point in worrying about issues we have no control over? What's the point in worrying about issues we have control over? So,why at all worry?" is sure an easy thing to say,but one of the most difficult things to implement. No matter,how composed,how mature,how clever you think you are,at sometime or the other you are overcome by this strange emotion called,which,you try your best to keep at bay,but end up losing to it. According to
Dr. Edward Hallowell , psychiatrist and author of Worry, "Worry serves a productive function", "anticipatory and dangerous" worrying --which he calls "toxic worry" though--can be harmful for your mental and physical health.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A house in the heart of the city with all modern amenities and easy access to all parts of the city is anybody's biggest dream,the major motivation between earning and leading a succesful life. If you are in Texas and want to buy a home, you should check out austin real estate.What makes Austin real estate special is that they have aerial photographs,slide shows and virtual tours for thousands of Dallas and Austin area homes,condominiums,townhomes and lots,regardless of who the listing agent is. Their dedicated Customer Service Team will put you in contact with a HomeCity Austin Realtor who is an experienced and knowledgable Austin Real Estate or Dallas Real Estate expert. :) make sure you visit the site..and Happy Home Hunting!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I love dogs,and I find bulldogs simply adorable!! Though I don't have a bulldog I was curious to learn to about them. Here are a few things I would like to share... The bulldogs' skull is quite different from that of it's other counterparts,this leads to a few health issues,most frequent of all breathing issues,especially due to the shape and size of the muzzle.Some dogs are also prone to interstitial cysts (treatable).Bulldogs require daily cleaning of their face folds to avoid unwanted infections caused by moisture accumulation. Daily teeth brushing with a regular human soft toothbrush using a vet approved toothpaste is also recommended.
Like all dogs, bulldogs require daily exercise. If not properly exercised the bulldog could gain weight, which could cause health problems relating to the lungs and heart..So make sure your's is well taken care of


Toast and eggs are my favorite breakfast,but I had been missing my toast since my toaster stopped functioning,and because it could not be set right I had to start looking for a new toaster. I wanted to buy something worth my money,and that is when my friend suggested toaster oven review. Toaster Ovens Guide,is an online site devoted to giving you all the information you might need when you are considering buying a toaster or a toaster oven. the site provides toaster oven review of different models and general information you will need before making your decision.